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Often our style is complex and not likely to fit into one specific broad design category. Just as human beings are complex, so is our taste and ideas of beauty. An ideal environment for many of us is a combination of styles, each reflecting a different part of our personality. I believe that there is always a way to incorporate various aesthetics into a cohesive and very well-designed space.

Patterns - They are symbolic and highly individual.


Patterns in a sense are symbols either intentionally placed in a particular manner or innate in nature.  If you think about it, symbols have been used throughout history and in every civilation to convey a message. It is a form of communication that is confined to a single image. Therefore, our individual attraction to a particular pattern reflects a form of communication. What is it that we are trying to communicate or better yet, what is our subconscious trying to communicate as we find ourselves drawn to certain patterns? 

The patterns we choose to have in our homes reflect our personality and our associations. Just as the way   we dress, our homes are always communicating something. Keep in mind that it is you as the inhabitant who it is most often communicating to, so be sure that its conveying what you want or need in your life. I find it interesting that we can intentionally alter our state of mind by surrounding ourselves with certain patterns. With this in mind, it would be wise to make your selections with a high degree of discretion and thought.

How to incorporate your favorite patterns in your home.

It is interesting how our attraction to a particular pattern can change significantly depending on its scale. You may not appreciate it as much when the scale is altered from your original observation of it. When choosing a pattern based on an image you are observing online for instance, remember to consider its scale in relation to its application. Its visual presence will change dramatically, depending on where it is placed in the home.


Use it on an unexpected application - A subtle pattern almost disappears when it is too subtle in its application. If subtlety is the goal then applying your pattern to expected items in the home such as throw pillows and drapery is wise. On the other hand a subtle pattern could make a bold statement if you apply it to a semi-permanent application such as wallcoverings, floor tile, or bathroom wall tile. Consider that is often a better option than an attention grabbing patterns as it could be too stimulating as time passes. 


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