3 Things Every Man Should Know About Being Stylishly Themselves

Follow these 3 V’s – Vibe, Values, and Visibility

You know you can’t seize the spotlight by siting on the sidelines; you have to stand up, showcase your style and make it happen. The challenge is to get rid of doubt and finding your vibe. The strategy I will provide for you will make upgrading your space very simple.

Many men are in need of a strategy for moving and speeding their trajectory forward. With a clear strategy for creating a home of your own, tailored to you, your confidence, comfort, and peace of mind will return full steam.

Perhaps your life or consciousness has just shifted, exposing you to a whole new world of opportunities and choices? Welcome to a fresh clean slate allowing you to relish in your individuality.

Here Is How You Can Step Up Your Home Game And Establish a Reflection of Your Greatest Self.

Just like the suit is the basic building block of looking good - timeless and adaptable. I’m here to save you from the danger of too many choices – it could result in a sloppy and unfocused interior. Get the basics down and then infuse you into the details.

Most of you single men understand the importance of dressing well and
doing whatever it takes to physically look your best. It is normal to want to project the greatest aspects of yourself to the world. Your home's interior condition speaks a thousand words and
if it reflects a disconnection between the YOU you present to the world and the YOU it aesthetically reflects – it’s saying the wrong thing! Note to single men - More than ever before, women are looking at your home to see what you truly value.
Think about this – Wouldn’t you like your home to send a message about you
that says that you are accomplished, professional, smart,
confidant, and at the top of your game? The goal should be to create an amazing looking interior that reflects who you are, your accomplishments and values, in addition to supporting
your ideal lifestyle.

t’s not just about appearances and the lasting either negative or positive impression it can have on guests. - Did you know that the way your home looks, feels, and functions has a direct impact on your frame of mind and therefore your success? Your level of productivity, influence, empowerment, efficiency, and well-being are constantly being influenced by your surroundings. For some of you it’s no surprise that your home can support you as you thrive or it can create roadblocks to your personal and professional success. To learn more about this check out my article Design is the Key to Mastering Your Personal and Professional Life.

Something I see abundantly as a huge problem for men when it
comes to designing their home is the lack of a strategy plan and
knowledge of a process. As a result they tend to design by default and
disregard this important aspect of their life.

I'm going to give you a beginning strategy that will remove uncertainty from the equation of
creating a home that serves your goals and ideal lifestyle. If you follow these steps you are
equipped with the tools you need to at least get started on tackling this area
of your life, which I guarantee will have lasting benefits.

So Here it Goes!

The Goal – The goal is to create a home that serves and supports you. It’s about designing from the inside out and being proactive in creating that which you desire in life experiences and material comfort. There is a hierarchy in its creation and each of these areas should be addressed accordingly.

Step 1


The first and most important aspect of creating a home that serves you is to consider the feeling that you want it to induce. This is so important because it acts as your compass when you select items for you house. It would be wise to purchase items that you love that speak to this goal. It acts as the unifying principle for every decision you make going forward. How do you know what tangible and visual expressions would make you feel that way? Although there are many aspects to design, for the sake of getting you started with this strategy simply focus on two basic components that would need to be addressed to bring clarity to this question – color and material. Simply look closely at that place, what do you see? Identify the three dominate colors. Do you see a dominate material such as wood or metal? What is the second most prominent material? This will help to establish your color palette and type of furnishings you can begin to scout.

Feel free to consider all design principles. If you happen to be someone who is very visual, that may come very easily to you. Observe and determine an outline that you would like your home to inspire in respect the following principles: Symmetry/Asymmetry, Balance, Contrast, Texture, Form, Rhythm, Balance, Proportion, and Scale. (To learn more about these see my You-Tube video tips)

As a side-note worth mentioning - There are 2 different ways of addressing your home in respect to the feeling you want it to stimulate.

A.            If you have a larger house and the areas are distinctly separate than its best to focus on the space individually then realize that you can if you so desire to, create a different vibe in each space according to the desired functionality of each space.

B.            If your home is smaller in scale like in a condo or rental space plan where each area is visually open to all others then consider choosing a single vibe that you want to dominate the entire home.

Step 2


Second part of the design hierarchy is in respect to your values and desirable lifestyle. I mention these as one because it is likely that your lifestyle reflects your highest values already. What you value most in life is that which you naturally make time for. There is nothing like real life experiences that speak to your values to have a joyful life. Is it friends and family? Is it music? Is it nature? Is it rest? You want your home to accommodate the easy engagement of your values.

How would that translate into your ideal and supportive design? For instance, if friends and family are a high priority for you – Do you have the right number of dining chairs and table length to accommodate them when they are over? Maybe for you to have an optimally functioning home office is important because of how much you value your professional success. Another example – It may be that your kids are one of your highest priorities. Something that I see often as a problem for single men who have school-aged children is that they are unsure of how to make the space accommodate their kids’ sense of security and well-being as well as make it a place they love being at. There are ways to validate them for who they are and make them feel that they can express their individuality in their home. (To learn more about how you can do this for them, please see my You Tube video)

Once you have identified these 5 highest values you can create your design priority list based upon them. This information will also help with establishing your design budget. These 5 aspects of your home should take precedence (unless you are planning on selling and need to increase market value of your home…this is a whole other matter altogether and not addressed here.)

Step 3


Third part of the design hierarchy is a deeper attention to detail. There are 2 components to this third step.

a.       Establish the presence of only items that have positive memory associations for you. This has a profound impact on your mental state of well-being that you are often consciously unaware of. My suggestion is to scan your home for any items that embody negative associations. Literally consider the initial immediate memory that your mind constructs as you focus on each item individually. If anything has a negative association attached to it, please consider removing it if not completely then at least from your visibility.

On the other hand, if the negatively charged items are of sentimental value then consider altering your mental perspective until you can observe the object as a positive reflection of that which it represents. What this does is shifts it from something that disempowers or saddens you to something that empowers and lifts you based upon your consciously chosen interpretation of it.

b.      This step also includes any structural elements and architectural details inherent to your home’s interior that is not appealing to you. You can find ways to “hide” these parts through lighting and paint that will either darken or draw the eye away from these areas, and/or furniture/accessory placement that will physically cover the disliked areas. (To learn more about this please see my You-Tube video tip)


The Summary
1. You established the VIBE you want your space to have when you are at home. You know the general color palette and material selections that you could incorporate to accommodate that feeling. This will bring some focus and clarity to the process. Keep in mind that this is just a starting point and just because the colors you would like to see are blue, beige, and black for instance, doesn’t mean that you simply go out and buy blue, beige, and black paint and start painting the walls!!! There is a science to making it all work based upon the chosen hue’s underlying colors, the value, tint, and tone of the paint.   

2. You established your Values. You now know what you need to accommodate a lifestyle that supports your values therefore you have your priority list.

3. You now have the VISUAL presence of only items that leave positive impressions on your subconscious assisting in the creation of a heightened state of well-being.