Design - The Key to Mastering Your Personal and Professional Life

Intentional Interior Design - The Key To Mastering Your Personal and Professional Life

I work with people who understand that environment is critical to their success in both their professional and personal life. Through the application of design I remove obstacles that may be preventing or slowing their success in certain areas. I focus on creating home and office environments that enhance personal power, productivity, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Designing with this intention influences each aesthetic and functional decision I make. It requires me to understand my clients' individuality, their highest values, goals, aspirations, and achievements. This information provides me with the tools I need to deliver thoroughly individualized interiors that bring my clients to a heightened state of well-being.

The inspiration for starting my own company is a result of being discontent with working in a world where the power of design was being greatly diluted and projected onto materialism, status ideology, and being manipulated by trends set by the industry. Even throughout the course of my design education I did not see any intention to alter environments for a higher purpose.

With that said, Interior Design can be far more purposeful and influential than you may realize. Perhaps you never even gave it a second thought, but the truth is that your physical surroundings can be intentionally designed for the purpose of personal optimization.

I will explain to you exactly how your office and home interiors could be possibly interfering with your progress toward success without you even realizing it. In addition, I’ll provide you with some design insight regarding 8 aspects of yourself that could potentially multiply your success.

My understanding of the mind and certain universal principles supports the dominating focus behind my company. I am thoroughly fascinated by psychology, neurology, and quantum physics because I see a connection among them and interior design.

There is a two part equation to this connection.

The first part of the equation is in respect to our subconscious mind. Our environment is always having an impact on our state of being. Our state of being is how we think and therefore how we feel. This dictates our behavior, and it is our behavior and choices that create our outcome.

There are deeply embedded beliefs we all hold about ourselves - how much physical comfort we deserve, how much material wealth and success we are capable of acquiring, how much aesthetic beauty we are worthy of surrounding ourselves with.

By default our behavior and choices have a natural tendency to function in accordance with our subconscious beliefs and paradigms of ourselves and our reality unless we proactively choose otherwise. Therefore, it is likely that for most people, currently by default the interior of their home reflects these beliefs which continually reinforces certain experiences and circumstances in their life that are not in alignment with what they consciously intend to create for themselves.

My value proposition embraces the fact that you can actually create an environment that effectively influences your own behavior as well as the behavior of others, with the intent to create the outcomes you truly desire.

Here is the second part of the equation in respect to the connection I indicated above and that which supports my value proposition.

The science of quantum physics proves that atoms are essentially 98% energy and therefore so are we. Because of this fact, our potential is therefore endless within the parameters of universal laws. What this tells us is that we are only bound by our own thoughts and beliefs. With continual proactive attention to your thoughts we can choose to alter the direction of our experience of life.

Just as we are energy, so are our thoughts and energy attracts like energy. So if you alter your thoughts to be more in alignment with your values and true goals then you will draw into your life these experiences.

These aspects of how the mind and the universe work are seemingly in opposition although, if you look closely you’ll see it is just a paradoxical reality.  Being proactive means utilizing the second part of the equation.

Looking back over many centuries and throughout many cultures there has been methodologies that support this truth such as, the science of Feng Shui and Ayervayda. The connection is simply an ancient wisdom that I resonate with and incorporate into my own practice because I see that it is extremely valuable.

Your home and office have the greatest capability to influence all areas of your life because they hold the embodiment of your energy – this is where you spend the most time. Here is what I focus on with my clients and these are my suggestion for you if you want to begin thinking about ways that you can improve your environment. Pay particular attention to these 8 areas of your life, which are all inextricable by the way.

1.       Optimizing Your Level of Productivity and Effectiveness by Creating a Stress Reducing Environments that Address all 5 of Your Senses. Example – There is abundant evidence supporting the fact that the visual presence of plants reduces our stress response significantly.

2.       Increasing Your Level of Comfort Through Visual and Functional Support of Your Highest Values

3.       The Support of Your Goals By Leveraging Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Attention to Functionality

4.       The Facilitation of Your Vision of the Lifestyle that Would Bring you the Most Fulfillment.

5.       The Visual Representation and Increased Ability to Engage in Things That Inspire You

6.       Increase Your Confidence Through Establishing a  Reflection of Your Greatest Self

7.       Creating a Heightened State of Well-Being and Happiness by the Display of Items That Have Positive Associations for You.

8.       Utilize and Enhance Your Indirect Influence on Others 

I’d like to elaborate on this last one a bit because from a business perspective, it is very important.

If you have clients that are actually visiting your office, you have a little secret tool that you really should be utilizing. It would be wise to think about how you want the space to make them feel and how you want them to perceive you.

Your clients are always picking up unconscious impressions and making judgments according to how their immediate surroundings are making them feel – the way it looks, smells, and physically feels. For instance, in our culture the color blue causes us to feel trust. It literally alters neuro-activity that stimulates a hormonal reaction that sends a message that you can “trust” this person or this situation. There is an huge amount of evidence that supports marketing efforts that influence others in such a way. The point being, if your office environment does not positively influence their state of being, it could adversely influence their decisions.

In closing, this capacity of design that I have just demonstrated is often overlooked, but now you know that design can be used as a tool to break boundaries about yourself, create more success in all aspects of your life, and to inspire and relish confidently in your individuality. Not to mention its facilitation of positive memories and experiences.

Lisa Marie Anzaldua